a NEW Thursday Thought


Happy Thursday!  One last pic from near Zion National Park…I think this is the last one. On the way home we saw a double rainbow and noticed the colors were inverted (don’t know why we haven’t noticed that before!)…but we were on the freeway without a convenient spot to pull over and take a pic.  We Googled rainbows to find out why the colors were reversed.  (see below).  Then I wondered if triple and quadruple rainbows were possible….so as we drove, hubby’s phone was busy for a while, answering my curiosities. :o)

So, if you see a photograph of a double rainbow with both colors in the same order…its probably photoshop’d.


Have a terrific day!  Do or learn something NEW!


a NEW Thursday Thought


Happy Thursday!

I think this quote originally said ‘The palest ink is always sharper than the best memory’…which is true.  Writing things down is so important! (I need to do better at keeping a journal!)  But I thought this quote also pertained to photography.  With these photographs, I’ll always be able to remember our hike to these waterfalls in Zion National Park.  I’ll remember slipping and sliding on the mud as I walked behind a small waterfall (lower right photo). I used to think I’d remember certain things forever…but, no!…now I know my memory fades.  That is why I love photography, I guess.

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a NEW majestic discovery


Hi all!  Well we’ve been away to Zion National Park for the last three days and had a good time hiking some NEW trails and visiting extended family that we haven’t seen for many, many years.   I’ll post some pics from some of our hikes later, but today I’ve got to tell you of our NEW majestic discovery.  There’s a very unassuming exit on Interstate 15 in Southern Utah that says ‘Kolob Canyon – Scenic Drive’.  We’ve passed by that exit sooooooo many times!!!  Here is the view from the freeway:


Yeah, now you know why we’ve never stopped, right!?!  BUT if you travel just a couple of miles west of Interstate 15, you’d have the view of the top photo….and if you actually take the scenic drive, here’s just one of the views of the very majestic canyon walls you’d see:


Now not all ‘scenic drives’ are created equal.  But…when you’re in Southern Utah, be sure to take the Kolob Canyon scenic drive.  It’s only five miles out of your way and TOTALLY worth the effort!  It’s actually part of Zion National Park, but on the very north end and not accessible through the main park.

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