NEW Photo of the Week #13

frozen stream

I thought I’d experiment with a few B/W photos.  However…since our frozen world around here doesn’t seem to have much more than a lot of white….this isn’t too far off the original!  Don’t get me wrong though!….I LOVE living where there are four distinct seasons and the VARIETY which that brings!  Although I have to admit, the older I get, the winters aren’t quite as welcome as they once were :o)  Have a good week everyone!

NEW snowman ideas


It’s snowing!….Still!  :o)  We’ve had a few days of this white stuff, and I’ve noticed more than a few snowmen in my travels.  My wonderful neighbor, a man (I’m guessing in his late 60’s), was out building a snowman on Saturday with his grandchildren.  In prior years, I’ve seen him across the street building one all by himself!  He’s COOL like that! :o)  Then I saw a few really great snowmen ideas on my travels around the internet, so I thought I’d share.   How fun are these???







Try building something NEW with your white stuff today!  (If you’re lucky enough to have some)  Happy Tuesday!

NEW Photos of My Week #8


I’m finally (sort of) caught up with things from being gone on our trip, so I went out shooting today.  BRRRRR!!!!  It was below freezing and there was a very cold wind blowing.  I tried to find shots that I could quickly roll down my window and get!  Does that make me a lousy photographer?  Wimpy huh?  But seriously, it was really cold!  Here’s what I got…..fireplace, here I come!

fence of wreaths framed

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