NEW time management tips



Happy Tuesday!  I took this photo at a nearby reservoir and decided to add that quote from Ben Franklin since I don’t recall hearing that before.  Aw…Benjie Franklin…he was such a wise fellow!  Well, I try to stay somewhat organized and keep a few essential time management strategies in the forefront of my mind…most days.  So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites:

1)  Always go through your mail the minute you bring it in the house.  If it’s junk – trash it immediately.  If it’s a bill, set up an online payment immediately (try to only handle that piece of paper once).  If it needs to be filed…do it right then.  Basically, just don’t let your mail pile up.

2)  Since they say time is money, save money and time by using an accrual budget system.  If you know that a bunch of family birthdays, the car registration, and school fees all hit in the same month put 1/12 of the total in savings each month and then just transfer it when you need it.   Do the same thing by averaging utility bills.  That way there’s no stress in paying for the high power bill in Winter because you saved that money when the bill was less expensive in the Spring when you didn’t need to use the furnace/AC as much.

3)  Save time grocery shopping and preparing meals:  Always plan a menu.  Shop for what you’ll need for your meals for two weeks and only go to the store for perishables between major shopping days.

4) Enlist your family’s help with housecleaning.  Yes, I know this may be ‘easier said than done’.  But simply make some assignments…ask and you shall (probably) receive.  My hubbie knows it’s his job to unload the dishwasher.  He has simply incorporated that into his morning routine.  It always needs done…every single morning…because my job is to make sure the dishes are done before I go to bed.  The teenage boys?  Well, they’re a different matter.  They need a bit more nudging in the helping out department, but I’m sure…subconsciously…they are watching how my hubbie and I both chip in with what needs done.  I’m sure they’ll ‘get it’ when they have their own homes to keep up.  And in the meantime…I just have to bribe them. :o)

Yikes!  I just looked back on these four ‘strategies’ and think – WOW…those are just REALLY basic!  But ya know, the (kind of unorganized) people I know would be so much more organized if they’d just do these basic things.  Simple!

Well, have a GREAT day!  Try something NEW today!




Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


OK…I’m getting REAL CHEAP these days!  I was in the checkout line at Walmart and the peppermint patties were calling my name.  I picked up the bag and checked out the price.  I would’ve gotten four…maybe five MINIATURE peppermint patties for $1.  I thought to myself – What a RIP-off!…and then I remembered I’d seen a recipe for homemade peppermint patties online….somewhere…oh yeah…HERE!  So, I assume you can tell what I did.  I made a HUGE batch of peppermint patties for about $1-2 dollars!  They taste exactly like store-bought patties…but mine weren’t so perfect-looking.  But I think if I practice, their looks could improve. :o)

And…another thing I’ve gotta share…which I think is a BRILLIANT tip:  Take a power strip on vacations! GENIUS!  You know, hotel power outlets are few and far between, right?!?  So, with the whole family’s phones, and iPads/Pods etc. needing charging every night, that is one tip I hope to implement on our next trip! I discovered that tip HERE.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!  Do or learn something NEW!