a few days away….with NEW experiences


Well, I’m back!  My hubby and I took a couple of days and got away for our anniversary.

I REALLY enjoyed our get-away because we did a nice variety of things!  Let’s see…we started out with one of our favorite things to do together….we played racquetball (physical), we attended the temple (spiritual), went out to lunch and dinner (ummm, probably another physical, but could be emotional or social?), we toured an exhibit at a museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls (educational), we stayed at a romantic bed and breakfast (emotional?), took a long walk/hike up a canyon trail (physical), went to a NEW theater and saw a funny parody of Phantom of the Opera (social?….or physical because our bellies ached from laughing?)….to name a few of our NEW, fun experiences.

But we’re back to our daily routines now.  It’s always good to get away, but just as nice to come home again!  Happy Friday!  Do or Learn something NEW!!!

a NEW app to watercolor with


Happy Friday!  I’m off to the movies, but wanted to hurry and post my NEW watercolor picture.  (Formerly simply a photograph on my phone)!!!  The app is Waterlogue.  What do you think?

Have a great evening!  Do something NEW!  I’m hoping the NEW movie we are seeing is good.  I’ll return and report soon :o)