Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  I’ve previously mentioned how much I appreciate people that do things, simply to make people smile.  I think this truck does exactly that.  This truck lives in a town just south of where I live.  Such a fun idea!  (If you missed the previous post….go HERE for a smile :o)

Well, other than the fun truck and the NEW medical terms I’ve learned lately from having a husband with a broken neck….like: comminuted fracture, Jefferson fracture,  and Miami J brace…here are a few other NEW things that have caught my attention lately:

1 minute 6 pack abs….I like exercises I can incorporate into my daily routine.


I’ve added a few items to my ‘Should Try Sometime’ pinterest board…such as: DIY lemon extract!  Who knew!

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!!!



Thursday’s Thought


As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve made a goal to use photos from my own stash to post along with quotes I love.  Well, I really like this photo of a rodeo clown, but as you can imagine, I haven’t come up with any good quotes to go along with it! 😮 !!!  So, for today’s THURSDAY THOUGHT, I attempted a Haiku:


Warm Summer Evening

The Clown Elicits A Smile

Do Unto Others