NEW photos of my week


Happy Friday!  If you saw yesterday’s Thursday’s Thought post, you’ll notice these pics are all quite similar!  Here’s the rest from that photo shoot.   My Mother-in-Law, that just moved in with us, received a bouquet of flowers from her daughter and I stole them for this shoot….and with Valentine’s Day coming up, I have LOVE on my mind :o)

I was actually inspired by this ABSOLUTELY LOVELY post at LavenderBleu blog

rosesovermusic2 rosesovermusictex3 trheeroses

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!

I’ll link to Kim Klassen’s site today

NEW sheet music to play

I LOVE living in this age of technology!  I was recently really tired of all my sheet music and wanted something NEW to play (Imagine that! :o)  It was about 7am on a Saturday morning, (when all the music stores were still closed),  and I was downloading me some NEW tunes to play!  Awesome!

I’ve used and  Both sites let you listen to a sample of the piece before you download it!  And Presto! New sheet music to start learning ASAP!  I just think it’s a great time to live!

What is your favorite thing about this Wonderful Worldwide Web?

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