Thursday’s Thought


As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve made a goal to use photos from my own stash to post along with quotes I love.¬† Well, I really like this photo of a rodeo clown, but as you can imagine, I haven’t come up with any good quotes to go along with it! ūüėģ !!!¬† So, for today’s THURSDAY THOUGHT, I attempted a Haiku:


Warm Summer Evening

The Clown Elicits A Smile

Do Unto Others


a NEW project (memorization program)


***Francis Bacon,¬†the philosopher, scientist, and author¬†said, “It is not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strong; not what we earn but what we save that makes us rich; not what we learn but what we remember that makes us wise.”***

Isn’t that so true!?!?!¬†¬† So…I’ve started a NEW memorization program!¬† It’s awesome and so far so good!!! (I’ve been at it a little over a week:o)¬† There are sooo many things I can use this program with….scriptures, vocabulary words, quotes, foreign languages etc etc etc.!¬† I’m starting with scriptures.¬† My son introduced me to this program (see¬†instructions¬†he emailed me below…sorry for the quality, it looks like it’s been passed around a bit).¬† My son has memorized hundreds of scriptures!¬† It’s a GREAT program which I think I’ll try to¬†implement with various projects!¬†¬†

Have a great day everyone!  Learn (AND REMEMBER) something NEW today!