NEW taste Tuesday


Happy Tuesday!

I’ve been pretty busy lately and it’s a sad week if I don’t get to try anything NEW and different!  I figured since I need to fix food for my family anyway, why not make a concerted effort to try a NEW recipe at least once a week.  That’s my plan!  We’ll see how it goes.

This week I tried this NEW dessert recipe for Sunday’s dinner.  It was yummy!  I got the recipe HERE. It was easy too…especially since I bought the orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream that was already mixed together! SUPER EASY!

I’m all about simple!  This cole slaw salad was easy too, because I just bought the cole slaw mix instead of cutting and chopping up a cabbage. HERE’s that recipe….AND those are our NEW salad tongs that we brought back from our New Zealand trip.  That’ll be fun to remember that trip every time we use them.


I’m excited for the spring weather! I’m hoping to get out shooting soon.  My camera has been pretty lonely lately! Can I just put everything else I have to do on hold for a bit??  I wish! :o)

Have a great day! I hope you take the time to do or learn something NEW! I know I should take my own advice and take the time…and not to wait until I “find the time”. Right?!?

a NEW butterfly biosphere in my area


Happy Tuesday!

I visited a NEW butterfly biosphere that just opened in my area.  I got a few photos of the beauties, but it was hard – they’re so quick!  I think I need to go back with different camera settings and try and get better shots.

These beautiful blue butterflies are rather plain looking when they are landed and folded up – just a camouflaged brown color.  Here’s one that landed on a lady’s head:


Here’s a few more.  I’m hoping to go back soon and start my NEW butterfly (photo) collection.


Have a great day! Do something NEW!