a NEW note to self…


Note to self…Always plan a road trip (traveling north) toward the end of September each and every year!


We traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming last weekend and the colors were gorgeous!  The best views seemed to be at spots that we couldn’t really stop and take photos…but the beauty is fondly stored in my memory instead of my camera’s memory.


The dinner and show at Bar J Wranglers in Jackson was excellent too.  A friend recommended it to me, years ago, and I’m happy we finally got to go.


Road trips are the best for taking in all of the beautiful fall scenery.  If any of you have a recommended itinerary for next fall’s trip, let me know! Have a great day! Do or learn or see something NEW!

a NEW addition to my garden


Happy Friday!

So, where do you put your small garden tools? I made this handy-dandy mosaic mailbox for my garden to hold my gloves, spade, garden snipers and even a little notebook where I tape all the plant tags – you know, the instruction-thingy that tells you how to care for the plant?  I put that in a plastic bag with tape, pencil and reading glasses.  I’m all set in my garden! I LOVE it!

Can you tell I spelled out GROW with the broken up tiles?  On the other side I spelled out BLOOM. My hubby earned his way through college doing tile work, so now even though he’s a finance guy, we never pay anyone to do any tile work at our house – and that means I have plenty more tile scraps to do more projects.  This was my very first mosaic attempt and now I plan to make some garden stepping stones etc.

Here’s the front view:


Isn’t it amazing what a boost something NEW and different brings to life?!?

Have a great day! Let me know know what’s NEW with YOU!


Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

It’s been a while since I’ve randomly rambled off some miscellany on a Monday, so here’s what’s up:

I rented the macro lens from the library again, and this little bee posed for me this morning.  A macro lens for my Nikon is definitely going on my Christmas wish list!

I’m loving a gardening YouTube channel called Garden Answer.  This YouTuber is knowledgeable without being overly talkative (aka wasting my viewing time with a surfeit of blah blah blah). Laura just comes across very “real” – very genuine. She’s a sweet young gardener who has worked at her parent’s nursery for a lot of years and has picked up a lot of knowledge that she shares with her viewers. I like her a lot.

I sometimes listen to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast on my way to work.  I had to laugh at a recent episode, when Gretchen challenged her listeners to make something that they’d normally buy. I laughed because if my family would have been listening with me, they would have yelled “Don’t encourage her!!!”  I have family members that tease me about trying to DIY a lot more things than I probably should. Doing a lot of DIYs means having my fair share of FAILS – thus the teasing! Ultimately, I’m just a cheapskate and know I can make most things for a lot less than I can buy them.  The trick is balancing  time expended with how much you actually save, right? I enjoy this podcast and wish Gretchen would record more than one episode a week, but oh well – I’d probably get behind if they did.

I made this really, REALLY easy cookie recipe call Oreo Pan Sugar Cookies,  Did I mention they were quick and EASY to make? I took the entire batch to work on a day I only worked a couple of hours, so I’ll have to ask around and see how everyone liked them. Personally, they were a bit too sweet for me, but then when has “sweet” been a terrible thing? I have a son who loves Oreos, so I’ll have to make these again and get his review.

Lastly, we’ll be renting a camping trailer later this summer and camping at a lake, so I need to get to get planning.  I need fun activity ideas, good, but quick meal ideas, and generally NEW fun family together time ideas.  If any of you have some good ones for me, please chime in!

Have a fabulous Monday.  Do or learn something NEW!



a NEW Thursday thought


Today’s NEW thought:

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

You can see my photo walk last Sunday morning had a definite color theme eh? I really want to make a NEW habit of taking photo walks regularly.  We’ll just have to see if every walk turns out to have a theme.  Maybe…maybe not.  Have a great day!  Do, learn or WALK somewhere NEW!

one last NEW lighthouse photo


Happy Tuesday!

So that’s it – that’s all!  I WISH we had a chance to visit more lighthouses, but this is the last lighthouse photo you’ll see from our most recent trip.  However, I’ll leave you with a great story about a dog named Spot :


Lighthouse Keeper’s Dog Named Spot Rescued Mailboat in New England Snowstorm

Owl’s Head Lighthouse sits atop a large rocky cliff guiding ships as they enter Rockland Harbor in Maine. In the 1930’s, Keeper Augustus Hamor, of Owls Head Lighthouse, had a special dog named Spot. The intelligent springer-spaniel was taught by the keeper’s children to ring the fog bell by tugging on the rope to the bell with its teeth every time it heard a ship’s whistle. The dog’s entire life seemed wrapped around the family at the lighthouse, the fog bell, and the ships that would pass by the lighthouse. Spot would spend the day watching for ships passing near the lighthouse, and then would ring the fog bell when they approached near the cliff to warn them of the impending danger. When the captain of the boat returned the fog signal, Spot would happily run down to the water and bark until the boat was out of earshot.

One wintry stormy night a fierce blizzard pounded the Maine coast and covered it in a blanket of deep snow. Keeper Hamor stayed in the light tower but visibility was poor with near white out conditions from the storm. As the following day wore on, fewer vessels passed by the lighthouse as most had already found shelter in the nearby harbors. The fog bell was buried in deep snowdrifts and remained silent as no one could access it in the storm. As nightfall approached, Keeper Hamor felt it safe enough to leave the tower to quickly join his family for a much-needed dinner.Spot’s favorite vessel was the mail boat that would make daily runs to various islands, including remote Matinicus Island, which was a long fifteen miles from the mainland. Because of its daily schedule, Spot knew the mail boat’s engine sound and when it would pass by the lighthouse. Captain Stuart Ames of the mail boat was also very fond of the animal and its owners and would always bring special treats when he visited the Hamor family. Each time the mail boat passed Owls Head Lighthouse, the skipper would give a toot for Spot, and the dog would answer by ringing the fog bell, and bark until the boat was out of site.

As the Hamor’s were preparing to eat, the phone rang with a desperate call from Captain Ames’s wife who indicated her husband was over two hours late and asked if he had passed by the lighthouse. The dog recognized the woman’s voice and listened to her tone. Keeper Hamor replied he had not seen the mail boat. Knowing of Spot’s keen listening abilities, she asked the keeper if he could allow Spot outside in the blizzard to see if he could hear her husband’s whistle, which they gladly obliged.

Spot disappeared in the blinding snow and went down over to the fog bell to listen for the boat’s whistle, he sniffed around but could not find the rope. He stayed around the bell buried in huge snowdrifts and returned back a half hour later, cold and tired. After warming by the fire, he grew restless, whining softly knowing something was wrong, as he had not heard the mail boat on schedule. A few hours passed as Spot prepared to fall asleep.

All of a sudden, Spot jumped up from his cozy warm corner as he heard the distant whistle of the lost Matinicus mail boat, which was caught in the storm trying to get home. He pawed at the door to be let out, which Keeper Hamor reluctantly opened to the storm, as Spot ran out into the drifts. Lunging over the snowdrifts, Spot again was unable to find the rope to ring the fog bell, so he ran to the edge of the cliff barking constantly as loud as he could. Keeper Hamor and his daughter Pauline got dressed and followed out to join Spot who was still barking by the edge of the cliff in the snowdrifts. They could hear the faint whistle of the mail boat as Spot continued to bark and yelp while the boat came nearer through the storm. Spot would continue to bark as the boat neared the cliff. Captain Ames on the mail boat, hearing Spot’s barking, gave three blasts of the whistle to signal back that he had heard the dog. Two hours later, Captain Ames’s wife called to thank the Hamor family, and especially Spot, in helping her husband reach the harbor home, averting what could have been a disastrous situation.

Spot is credited with saving the captain and the mail boat that night and is buried near the fog bell he loved. Over the years as the fog bell was removed, and the grave lay in a place that the many visitors to the lighthouse could not find, in 2004, Spot was given a new marker by Paul Dilger, the Coast Guard commander who resided at the lighthouse. The marker read “Spot, The Lighthouse Dog” to remind those of the animal’s heroic effort. (Story found HERE).


a NEW photo and Friday challenge accountability


Happy Friday!

The photo above is of Boston Common. It is the oldest public park in the country – dating back to 1634! It was fun to watch all the people take advantage of nature’s beauty!

It’s Friday, so I’ve gotta take note of how I’m doing on a couple of my challenges. So, I’m pluggin’ along on my 12 Classics challenge.  I’m working on #11 (the scary one)…the book is just so, so, SO long!

On my Photo Challenges, I’ve completed photograph a stranger and want to do the ‘frame worthy street photograph’ next.

I’ve just started training for a century bike ride, so that challenge is on track.  I plan to ride 3-4 times a week and increase the mileage by 5 miles each week. The ride date is the middle of August. I did this…oh, about a decade ago.  It takes time to train…a summer with relatively few travel plans or other distractions.  I think this summer will be good.

Lastly, after hearing of all the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, I think I want to challenge myself to start incorporating that into my day. I really don’t like the taste, so I’m sure there are tricks on Pinterest I’ll have to check out.

That’s it.  Let me know of any fun challenges I should be aware of! Have a great day.  Do something NEW!