found a NEW copycat recipe



Hi all! Well, yesterday when I was looking through the photos on my phone for Friday’s post, look what I found!  I had forgotten I took a quick pic of this yummy salad I made for a 4th of July BBQ!  I knew I MUST share the recipe with all of you!  It’s a copycat recipe from a very popular café in my area…Zupa’s Café.  HERE’S where I found the recipe.

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Holiday Cheese Ball…a NEW attempt


Hi all!  So…years and years ago, I attempted to make a holiday cheese ball.  They looked easy enough…but it turned out a complete and miserable FAIL!  The ball would not hold it’s shape…even after I refrigerated it….therefore it couldn’t be called a cheese ball at all!  (Although, I seem to remember it tasting ok).  Well, this year I made a NEW attempt!  Yeah, I think I did it!  I tried a different recipe this time, which I got from a friend, but someday I’ll attempt the old recipe one.more.time.

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