NEW taste Tuesday


Happy Tuesday! Here’s today’s NEW taste (or at least at NEW recipe).  This morning I wondered if I should just use my normal caramel recipe for caramel apples, but ultimately I decided to try a new one.  I was happy with it.  The end result was scrumptious! Probably because of the vast amounts of butter, haha! I got the recipe at Elizabeth Grace Garden’s blog.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day?  Whatever they are, I hope you enjoy the day!

a NEW awareness of gratitude – Day 29


Happy November 29th! Oh, this one is hard! One friend or family member that I’m particularly grateful today for is: (I’m grateful to them ALL!….How can I choose?)…but I’ll go with my mother. No explanation needed, right?  Oh, the love of a mother!

Have a great day! Find something NEW to be grateful for!

Mothers of all generations….Happy Mothers Day!

Marian Anderson #2

Happy Mothers day! I just had to share my favorite photo of my own Mother (who is now in her 80’s).   Doesn’t she look so sweet?

Mother’s Day is a good day to remember that Mothers and Fathers sacrifice a lot for their families.  I really liked this ‘Ode To Mothers’ video on’s YouTube channel.


Family historians seem to forget about the mothers sometimes….just because they are trying to trace the paternal lines back another generation.  I’m traveling to Minnesota this summer and hope to research my husband’s great-grandmother that immigrated there.  From what we know, it looks like she immigrated before she was married, but her parents were still in Norway.  Did she travel alone?  Why did she come?  What was her life like?  Mothers of all generations are a part our families and it’s good to have a day to honor them all.  Have a lovely day celebrating Motherhood!