Hunting…another NEW Christmas tradition


A few days ago, my son’s friend asked us if we ever go Christmas Light Hunting.  Huh? What is that?  Apparently it’s just driving around looking for beautiful Christmas light displays.  Well, yes….we do that EVERY.SINGLE.Christmas Eve!  So, I guess we’ll have to start calling it what it is…Christmas Light Hunting!

BUThere’s another GREAT idea that I just read about today!  Hunt for houses that are displaying a Nativity…and when you find one, drop a ‘Thank you for displaying the Reason for the Season’ card in their mailbox paperbox!  LOVE that idea!  Since we’re out hunting anyway, we’re going to add that to our tradition!  Some people are soooooo smart!

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!

NEW photo of my week #35



Hallelujah!  At least one of my photos turned out decent.  We quickly rushed through Temple Square to see the lights before attending another event in downtown Salt Lake, and this one was really the only decent photo I got.  I hope to get back up there with more time to shoot soon!

Have a great day!  Do something NEW!