Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  So along with the above collage of miscellaneous monochromes…here’s a few other random things I’ve found interesting lately:

I saw this recently and loved it!


The décor at my hubby’s work office…(the very few personal items he has there, at least)… is a bicycle theme – so I HAD to print this out and frame it for him to take to work.  :o)  It made me laugh.

I also recently read…


…and enjoyed it very much.  Why?  Because I’m such a brain science junkie, I guess.  It had lots of research backing up their statements.  I saw a lot of truth in it…just from observing people throughout the years.  To boil it down very simply:  Confidence is linked to DOING.  The more we DO something, the more confident we are that we can succeed at it.  I know that’s not rocket science, but the book had a lot of really good advice – especially for women, and it was well-written.

And lastly, as tradition goes…here’s my weekly NEW food find:  I’ve never heard of taro root before – not to mention taro root ice cream.  Sounds interesting!  I hope to try it….sometime. :o)

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!





a NEW recipe…homemade stawberry ice cream


Happy Tuesday!  A few days ago, my hubby made fresh-homemade strawberry ice cream!  YUMMY!  I printed off the recipe from Pioneer Woman’s website, and then ran off to a church meeting.  He did all the work and I got to eat the scrumptious results!  It was creamy-yummy-goodness!

Have a great day!  Do or learn OR EAT something NEW!

a NEW surprise…or a Christmas Miracle?


Ok, ok…last night, when I excitedly exclaimed, “It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!”…I might have taken our delightful surprise a bit far.  Since, yeah…really, it’s only ice cream. :o)

Last night after Sunday dinner and pleasant conversation, my husband asked Grandma if she would like some ice cream.  The conversation turned to the topic of ‘Why isn’t there Peppermint Ice Cream in the stores?  They’ve always had that flavor this time of year in the past!” (It’s our favorite…especially at Christmas time…in case you couldn’t tell).

Well, you can imagine our surprise when my hubby opened up the carton!  A Christmas Miracle!!!!  {Well, perhaps not really a miracle…but still….!)

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!