Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

This is Akaka Falls in Hilo, Hawaii.  So powerful…and gorgeous!  I love waterfalls so much.

OK…here’s a TOTALLY random, miscellaneous item for you:  I recently poked around Wikipedia to find out about Lemuria – the hypothetical lost continent that was named after the Lemur (the animal)…because scientists were puzzled that lemurs fossils were found in Madagascar and India, but not Africa or the Middle East.  So, they concluded that there must have been a ‘lost land’ located in the Indian Ocean.  I had never heard of this theory before.  My reading got even more interesting when I read about how people in 1890’s believed survivors from Lemuria lived in tunnels on Mount Shasta in California, and occasionally were seen walking the surface dressed in white robes. Wowza…far out stuff, man! :o)

Does anyone have any other far-out theories they’ve heard lately?  HaHa, have a great day!



a NEW photo and a short Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday!

After our kayak trip on Kauai, we walked to this spot which apparently was a scene in Pirates of the Caribbean Fountain of Youth movie.  I think I gave up watching the Pirates movies…I loved the first one, but after that – not so much.  Maybe I’ll give them another try and see if I can spot this spot.  It was green, luscious and almost like paradise there.

So, for today’s short Sunday sermon, I’ll share a little bit of what I learned about John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost‘.  I haven’t read the entire work…it was published in 1667 and consists of 10 books with over ten thousand lines of verse.  Yet, I understand this seventeenth century poem corroborates some doctrines of the restored gospel such as the war in heaven, the creation, the fall of man, free agency, the atonement, the mission of the Son and subsequent apostasy, and the nature of the Godhead. Go HERE for a more detailed analysis.

I enjoyed reading up on John Milton.  He was considered to be one of the greatest English poets of his time.  Apparently he was also inspired to know and understand God’s truth.  Have a terrific day!  Do or learn something NEW!


Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share



Happy Monday!  Here’s my palm tree ‘Trio’ for the photo challenge.  And also some random, Hawaiian miscellany:

  1. I thought it was interesting to learn about some Hawaiian mythology…like the Menehune.
  2. I didn’t know Kauai’s Na Pali coast was on National Geographic’s ’50 places of a lifetime’ locations.  It was rainy and foggy the day we sailed past this coast, so my pics aren’t the greatest.  But that’s the type of weather you get in a rain forest, right?
  3. I enjoyed learning how the black sand beaches are formed; and I don’t think I had even heard of the green sand beach.  Also, I didn’t realize that Hawaii’s white sand beaches are actually made from parrotfish poop.  (Not sure I wanted to know, either!)

Explanation of collage pics:  Dancers on the Polynesian Cultural Center’s boat parade; My toes in the front of my kayak as I paddled down a river on Kauai;  The octopus our snorkeling guide rounded up to show us.

Have a great day. Do or learn something NEW!