a NEW recipe….sliders or snackers?


I tried this NEW recipe a few months ago, and my boys really like these sandwiches!  I call them sliders…but one of my sons insist they are ‘snackers’.  I, of course, am right 🙂

I first wanted to try this recipe from this post at Purple Chocolat Home….but I’ve seen various versions on Pinterest etc. They are REALLY easy to put  together and good to  have in the refrigerator as a back up for when there’s not much else to eat…..I know you know what I’m talking about!

Try a NEW recipe today…or do or learn something else NEW!

a NEW delicious ham recipe


Wow! I really have no idea where the last few weeks have gone.  I have no excuses for not posting on my little blog here…I haven’t been out of town, I haven’t been overly busy on some huge project…..just normal life.  BUT, today I HAD to share this very yummy ham recipe.  My friend and I had our monthly  F&F TIME yesterday and instead of putting this dish in the freezer, we had it for dinner last night.  YUM!!!  I even had some for breakfast this morning, it was THAT good (the pineapple was especially yummy cold from being refrigerated all night).  Here’s the recipe:

Recipe Card Template 1up 4x6

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