NEW on the cheap!

I challenged myself today.  My project today had to cost ZERO out-of-pocket $, and it had to use my two NEW toys (cutting machine and embroidery sewing machine).  This is what I came up with….but I plan to add some spiders and spider webs when I actually put it up on my shelf where I plan to display it .  This is just a quick snap-shot of today’s creation…yup, I think it looks like Charlie Brown’s t-shirt too! :o)

What NEW thing have you done today?


More Modge Podge…NEW pumpkins

Modge Podge has been my friend this week! I haven’t used this much  MP since I made the Game Room posters (I’ll show you those…sometime).

These pumpkins came from the dollar store, of course! Then all I did was rip some halloween-ish fabric in strips and modge podge away. My poor birdhouse has been sitting empty for months….so I’m happy to finally have something cute to put it in 🙂

I’m sharing this at Happy Hour Projects Great Pumpkin Party