a NEW iphone photo find


Happy Friday!  Here’s my iPhone photo find of the week.  This leaf was actually pretty tiny and I almost just stepped on it on my way into work one day.  I thought it looked kind of cool with the water droplets, so I quickly snapped a pic.  I love how photography has trained me to LOOK for small little droplets of beauty in our world!  Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!

I’ll link to Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds.


My Favorite Tree


I recently visited My Pen and Me  and browsed through that site that had a photo of their favorite tree.  I remembered I had taken a photo of my favorite tree a couple of years ago.  Hmmm…I recently organized all my photo! :o)!  I thought I should be able to find it easily.  I could!  I did!  I thought I’d share it!

Just so you all know….I’m experiencing NEWness almost every day…but I’m a bit busy to blog about it!  It’s not really the newness I prefer, but it’s ok.  I’m planning about 5 big parties in the next three weeks, so I have NEW serving platters, NEW balloons and helium tank, NEW recipes I’m trying, NEW ties and suspenders for my boys, (I’ve still got to get out and buy me a NEW outfit or two)…NEW decorations etc.

After about 5 weeks I plan to get out on more photo shoots!  Maybe it will be Spring by then!  Happy Monday to you all!