thinking up a NEW b.h.a.g.


Happy Tuesday!

Well, on August 11th I reached my summer goal of riding my bicycle 100 miles in one day (odometer photo ‘proof’ above). The last time I had done that was about a decade ago. It was a hot day and we rode some of that 100 miles in 100 degree weather –  UGH!

So, now I need to think up my next B.H.A.G as my husband likes to call them (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).  Not that riding 100 miles is that big or audacious, because the day before that ride I got an email from a riding group that was planning a 140 ride on that day! And Tour de France riders do that every day for almost a month!  But it’s all relative, right?  A big hairy goal for some people is easy peasy for others.

Hmmmm…I have so many areas of interest that I’m contemplating lots of different BHAGs.  How can I narrow it down? Once I do and make a decision, I’ll let you know.  It’s kind of nice having blogosphere accountability.  It gives me a bit more incentive not to give up and move on when I get bored (which I tend to do).

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Have a great day. Do or learn, or plan something NEW!




a NEW book review


Hi all!  I recently finished reading ‘The Happiness Project’, and I have to say I enjoyed it very much.  I haven’t read a non-fiction book in a while  – because I’m usually just struggling to finish the novels picked out for our book club before our meeting time!  And I don’t even remember who recommended this book.  I’ve had it on my Shelfari “shelf” for quite a while now.  (That’s the online site where I keep track of all the books I’ve read and all the book I want to read)  So I FINALLY got to it!  It has motivated me to make and keep some resolutions and give myself a few ‘gold stars’.  :o)  I’ll also have to start reading the author’s blog.  I’m sure that will help keep me motivated.

I love, loVE, LOVE book recommendations…so let me know if you have any for me!  Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!


a NEW emphasis….consistency


I’ve been thinking a lot about consistency lately.  I thought this row of blossoming trees was a good NEW photo pick for today.  Just as these beautiful trees form a consistent pattern as you look down this street, consistency in life can also be a very beautiful thing.

Here are some particularly WONDERFUL quotes about consistency:


I’ve found that, in most cases, a conscious effort to be consistent is needed…even with the most simplest of things.  A few months ago, I read Faithful, Fit & Fabulous by Connie Sokol after reading the recommendation at Pinkpolkadotcreations.


Although there wasn’t anything particularly new or different about this book, it basically encouraged readers to set a NEW goal every week….even if it is something VERY simple  Actually, the simpler the BETTER!  I decided that I’d make a conscious effort to keep the floor of my closet clear.  Instead of kicking off my shoes and leaving them on the floor, I would put them where they belong.  So, the ONLY shoes that have been left on my closet floor for months now, are my slippers (I wanted my slippers out on purpose).  And it’s been a VERY GOOD FEELING!!!  I won’t bore you with all my other very small goals, but even a BIG goal can be broken down into small goals, and the same method would be just as successful.

Try it!  A goal a week…make a conscious effort…be consistent!  Try something NEW!



Gift Giving – a skill to cultivate this NEW year


I’ve added a NEW goal to my long list of goals!  I recently had a birthday, and I decided I want to be more like my dear friend Jill.  She is a MASTER gift giver!  She is so thoughtful, and I want to cultivate that characteristic in myself!  For years, she has always remembered by birthday….always given me sweet, thoughtful gifts.  I want to be JUST.LIKE.HER!!!   She is just as busy as anyone else I know…yet she must make it a priority in her life to be a kind, loving person and show that kindness by being a master gift giver!

Like any skill or habit I try to cultivate, I typically first research ideas on the internet….so that’s what I’ve been doing today.  So, of course, I thought I’d share a few links with you.  The first thing I’ve done is install a NEW app on my phone especially for reminding me about the birthdays and other special days of the people I love.  Next, I read a great blog article entitled ‘The Art of Gift Giving’ at Reeve Writes.  Highly recommended!  Good stuff. Another article I found was HERE…basically I think master gift givers are really good listeners  (with good memories too…or else they write down their gift ideas).

I’m excited to cultivate this NEW skill in my life!  Do any of you have any great advice to help me with this endeavor?  I’d love to hear from you!

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