a NEW photo of my week


Happy Tuesday!

So I warned you that I’d be posting a few pics from my Scarecrow Festival photography excursion.  You’ll have to let me know which ones you like best.  The funny thing is, a couple of my favorite posts today in my WordPress Reader has a dog theme! I guess I’m just playing along with the theme.

Why are they my favorite posts today?  Well, check out THIS very clever poem written by “Charlie the Dog”  and then go and check out THIS  very cool photo manipulation of ‘A Dog on the Path’ and I think you’ll see why! :o)

Have a great day.  Do something doggone NEW and different today!




a NEW taste Tuesday…for doggies


Happy Tuesday! Well, for today’s NEW taste…I tried out some doggie treats to give to my grand-dogs.  I’m (very patiently) waiting for grand-babies to come along, but at the moment, all I have are grand-dogs. 🙂 So I decided to make them all some treats.

These pics are of Dizy, I’ve photographed Patch before (here) and I still need to schedule a shoot with Rocky. When I got a shot of Dizy with her eyes closed, I had to try and be funny and Photoshop this one to make Dizy look like she’s winking. (How’d I do? :o)


I thought these Bacon Pumpkin Doggie treats even sounded good enough for us humans to eat!



Have a great day! Do or make something NEW.