NEW Valentine Cookie Frosting Recipe


I’ve made some Valentine’s Day cookies for a few neighbors and I really like the NEW frosting recipe I used. (I should have taken the photo after I added the cute little chocolates to the plate, but oh well!)  I found the frosting recipe at Karen’s Cookies.  I used the buttercream one.  The flavor is yummy and it’s doesn’t dry as hard as royal icing.  I like it a  lot!  If I were shipping these, or wanted to make sure the frosting didn’t get ‘dinged’ while transporting them, maybe I’d stick with the royal icing.  But it was fun to try this NEW recipe!  Everyone have a LOVELY Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

a NEW method for whipping cream

You may already know this about me…but I LOVE efficiency! I have so many things I want to be doing and if I can do things quicker and more efficiently, it’ll totally make my day! A few weeks ago, my two youngest sons had their birthdays (same day…three years apart), so I was busy making a cake and an ice cream cake. The ice cream cake had whipped cream as ‘frosting’, and so I tried whipping the cream in my blender since I had just read this post on One Good Thing By Jillee blog. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!!….It was whipped within SECONDS! I’ll admit it wasn’t totally light and fluffy, but for the purpose of frosting an ice cream cake, it didn’t need to be. A few weeks later, I experimented, and timed myself as I whipped it my ‘old’ way, and the new way:

Old Way = 7 minutes, 11 seconds = light and fluffy, and my 1 cup of cream about doubled to 2 cups.  Tip:  Put a metal bowl and beaters in the refrigerator to chill before whipping your cream.  (They say it whips faster). The picture of this method is at the top of the post.

Quick Way – 18 seconds!!!! = not as fluffy, but it all tastes the same, right!?  Here’s a pic of the blender batch.  18 seconds!!!  I do have  a pretty powerful blender (Vita-Mix), so that probably helped.

If I need totally gorgeous, fluffy cream, I’ll take the time and beat the cream…but when it doesn’t matter….I’m totally going with my NEW method!  Have a great day y’all!  Try something NEW!