NEW tips for decorating sugar cookies


Happy Saturday everyone!  For the last year or so, I’ve wanted to be able to decorate cookies like: Haniela, or Callie @ SugarBelle, or Marian @ Sweetopia! BUT, I’m far, faR, FAR from their level of expertise! However, I’ve enjoyed learning from them.  Now if I can just find make the time to practice what I’ve learned….maybe I can improve my efforts. 🙂

Last night I made these Christmas tree cookies because I wanted to try something NEW!  I tried Haniela’s “Walmart Disposable Sandwich Bag” method. {check it out HERE}  I don’t really think that is her official title for the method, but I thought it looked brilliant!  Disposable is always good for clean up! Right?  Check out my prior post on how to make cookies without any mess too! {HERE}.

And now, a couple of NEW tips of my own:

When you’re practicing NEW techniques for the first time…(trust me, they won’t usually turn out like the experts).   BUT if you practice the NEW technique and afterword cover up your “experiment” with sprinkles, the cookie will still look lovely AND edible!  No one is the wiser! 🙂

I also learned recently that it is much easier to mix in food coloring gel with a knife rather than a spoon!  (Because you can drag off the excess or non-incorporated frosting more easily with a knife than you can with a spoon.)

So…try a NEW technique or learn or do something else NEW today!

NEW cookie recipe…tried and true from off the back of the bag!


I tried a NEW cookie recipe….right off the back of the bag of butterscotch chips!  I figured it was most likely a tried and true recipe and wouldn’t let me down! Right-O!  They were YUMMY!  So…..what do you think?  Should they be called Oatmeal Scotties….OR Oatmeal Scotchies?

Of course, I wanted to learn something NEW today, so I researched BUTTERSCOTCH!  It’s funny…it seems the historians can’t really agree on where the term came from.  Usually when I research something, there’s TONS of information.  Not so with Butterscotch!  Hmmmm…is it named butterscotch because the confectionaries had to scorch the butter and sugar?  I looked up toffee too, since butterscotch is similar to toffee but is only boiled to the soft-stage and not the hard crack stage that toffee is.  Well…the origin of the word toffee is UNKNOWN also!  I’m striking out today!  I think I’ll go have some milk and cookies!

Learn or DO something NEW today!

a NEW…EASY cookie recipe


I tried this NEW recipe recently.  And it’s a KEEPER!!!  I took a batch of these yummies to a social a few weeks ago.  My husband was chatting with some 12 year old boys that were visiting the dessert table (more than once)!  He asked them which cookie they liked best, and they loved these the best!  They did NOT know who brought them…so this was a blind study :o)  Lovely combination of flavors and easy, eaSY, EASY to put together!  Try them!

I found the recipe HERE.

NEW Valentine Cookie Frosting Recipe


I’ve made some Valentine’s Day cookies for a few neighbors and I really like the NEW frosting recipe I used. (I should have taken the photo after I added the cute little chocolates to the plate, but oh well!)  I found the frosting recipe at Karen’s Cookies.  I used the buttercream one.  The flavor is yummy and it’s doesn’t dry as hard as royal icing.  I like it a  lot!  If I were shipping these, or wanted to make sure the frosting didn’t get ‘dinged’ while transporting them, maybe I’d stick with the royal icing.  But it was fun to try this NEW recipe!  Everyone have a LOVELY Valentine’s Day tomorrow!