Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

Well, this last weekend I got to cross one more waterfall off my 100-WaterFalls-Bucket-List.

Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho {DONE}!  It was a great time of year to go.  SO much water rushing over those cliffs!  I understand that sometimes there’s only a drizzle, depending on how much water the farmers are using for their crops up-stream, the amount of run-off that year etc.  The time of day we went to visit the falls was obviously great too — that rainbow was there the entire time.  Cool huh?  Shoshone Falls is sometimes referred to as “The Niagara Falls of the West”. Although I love the falls, the surrounding scenery is quite a bit greener at Niagara, NY/Canada!

Next miscellany: How do you text ‘Thank You’?  I usually just text Thx, but I understand 10Q is also an option. :o)  So, when we had Student Employee Appreciation Week at the University where I work, I stayed up late one night and made this batch of ’10Q’ cookies.  HA! The students thought I was so clever, ha ha ha!


And lastly, this miscellaneous humor (I texted this to my police officer son) :o)

A blonde was driving down the road and she looks up and sees a tree so she swerves to the left. The tree is still in front of her so she swerves to the right, this time her car rolls into the ditch. When the police officer came, the blonde told him about the tree that was in front of her. The officer kindly explained that the tree was the green air freshener hanging off her rear view mirror.

{Sorry, corny eh? But it made me smile.}

Have a great week!  Do or learn something NEW!







a NEW taste Tuesday


Happy Tuesday!

Remember I shared my first Swig Cookie baking day a while back? (If you missed it, you can go HERE).  Well, here’s another version.  Very rich!  Very chocolaty!  Very must-have-milk-to-drink-with-this!

I found this chocolate version HERE. Did I mention they’re really rich?  Just warnin’ ya!

Have a great day! Bake something NEW!

a NEW taste Tuesday…copycat Swig cookies


Happy Tuesday!

There’s a locate cookie/soda shop called Swig. I’ve heard people rave over their cookies and although I haven’t personally stopped by, I did try this copycat recipe.  I tried it because it was EASY (and delicious).  These are sugar cookies, but they’re quick because they’re drop cookies.  I got the link from my sister’s daughter-in-law (I guess that’s my neice-in-law?). Anyway, she got the recipe from The Bountiful Kitchen, which is a new site to me.  I think I’ll have to poke around that site a bit — it looked like there were other amazing recipes there too.

Have a great day.  Do or bake something NEW.


a NEW taste Tuesday


Cookies, cookies, cookies! So many varieties…and I want to try as many NEW flavors as I can.  These are Peanut Butter cookies with a Hershey’s Kiss plopped on top – just as they come out of the oven {recipe below}. However I really want to try these NEW recipes:

Twix Cookies, Blueberry Cream Cheese Cookies, Coconut Lime Shortbread cookies, and Red Velvet Gooey Butter cookies.


Have a great day! Do, learn or bake something NEW!




a NEW taste Tuesday


Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to spend in the kitchen; but I tried a NEW taste this last week:  Pumpkin Snickerdoodles.  It sounded like a delicious, and…fall-ish new twist on my favorite type of cookie.  They were VERY yummy!

Here’s where I found the recipe: Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

Have a great Tuesday!  Learn or Do, or Bake something NEW!


NEW monochrome photos of my week and a short Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday!  How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?  I hope it was “happy”!  I decided to take some non-traditional monochrome photos of our valentine sugar cookies.  Is that weird?

Also, going along with the Valentine’s Day theme…today’s short Sunday sermon is one simple question:


Jesus’ reply can be found in Matthew 22:36.  Here’s your hint:


Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!

(Here’s the non-B/W versions)


a NEW-sized {for us} chocolate chip cookie


Hi all!  Well, at our house, if we take the time to make homemade chocolate chip cookies, we usually load that cookie scoop up to the max, and plop the dough onto the cookie sheet and it doesn’t take too long at all to bake.  BUT…today I tried something NEW and made mini bite-sized cookies and decided I really like them that size.  Just pop one in your mouth and take a swig of cow-juice, and….oh yum!  It takes a bit longer to bake them when they’re tiny, but that’s ok.  (Our wonderful chocolate chip cookie recipe is in this post here).

Have a great Saturday!  Do or Learn something NEW!



NEW Spring Sugar Cookies


YUM!  Spring Sugar Cookies!  I finally took the time to frost these cookies….(we won’t mention how long they sat on my counter in the air-tight containers…just waiting for my attention :o)  Even my son mentioned that he’d appreciate it if I made the frosting THE SAME DAY as I made the cookies!  Ya, Ya, Ya! :o)  I guess that should be my NEW goal.  Happy Friday!  Do or Learn something NEW!

a NEW treat on my porch


Aren’t these pretty little cookies? AND they taste even better than they look!  {You know I’m addicted to photography when I have to take a photo of a nice, sweet treat my kind neighbor leaves on my porch!}  But really, they are soooo pretty!

Tip:  These will even freeze well!  I know, because by the time we returned home, these little darlings were frozen from being on my porch for a few hours.  But after they thawed, they were still delish!

I’ve begged for the recipe, so I’ll try and post that soon.

Have a great day!  Learn or Do something NEW…(leaving a treat for a neighbor is a good idea)!  Thanks Darci!

NEW tips for decorating sugar cookies


Happy Saturday everyone!  For the last year or so, I’ve wanted to be able to decorate cookies like: Haniela, or Callie @ SugarBelle, or Marian @ Sweetopia! BUT, I’m far, faR, FAR from their level of expertise! However, I’ve enjoyed learning from them.  Now if I can just find make the time to practice what I’ve learned….maybe I can improve my efforts. 🙂

Last night I made these Christmas tree cookies because I wanted to try something NEW!  I tried Haniela’s “Walmart Disposable Sandwich Bag” method. {check it out HERE}  I don’t really think that is her official title for the method, but I thought it looked brilliant!  Disposable is always good for clean up! Right?  Check out my prior post on how to make cookies without any mess too! {HERE}.

And now, a couple of NEW tips of my own:

When you’re practicing NEW techniques for the first time…(trust me, they won’t usually turn out like the experts).   BUT if you practice the NEW technique and afterword cover up your “experiment” with sprinkles, the cookie will still look lovely AND edible!  No one is the wiser! 🙂

I also learned recently that it is much easier to mix in food coloring gel with a knife rather than a spoon!  (Because you can drag off the excess or non-incorporated frosting more easily with a knife than you can with a spoon.)

So…try a NEW technique or learn or do something else NEW today!