family communication and a NEW funny video


How is the communication in your family? Typically, at our house, ours is pretty average…meaning we could do better but we could also do a lot worse 🙂 BUT…on two difference occasions this week I was quite irritated with a couple of my family members! I had to ‘read through the lines’ to know what was going on…and even then, I was just guessing because these two individuals did NOT effectively communicate. I won’t bore you with the details, but one good thing about having ”issues” now and again is the side-effect of trying to do a better job at communicating….so we definitely had our little reminder this week!

It’s funny that this same week, my husband sent me a link to this YouTube video! I thought it was quite ironic because of the week I had with our ‘communication issues :o)!

Check this video out….it’s PRETTY FUNNY! I LOL! 🙂 Have a great day everyone and DO or LEARN something NEW!

a NEW Couples Gratitude Journal


Some time ago I saw this on pinterest:


…and thought it was a really good idea, so I made a similar one.  For the last six months or so, my dear husband and I have been writing reasons why we love each other and then ERASING those reasons each time one of us would write something NEW!  The other day, I thought that was craziness!….so I came up with a NEW system:


Now…instead of using an erasable board, we will use this:


…then periodically I’ll glue the papers into our gratitude journal!  MUCH BETTER!!!!

Details:  For the journal, I covered a composition book from the dollar store (see TONS of great ideas to cover journals on Pinterest {here}  For the ‘I Love You Because…’ board I just taped paper over a small, cheap (again from the dollar store) cookie sheet so we could use magnets.  One big clip holds the blank cards and the other clip will hold the written on cards until I have time to glue them into the journal.

I’ve loved my husband’s little notes to me the last few months…and now I know I’ll continue to love them as well as be able to keep and cherish them!

Sometimes nothing speaks louder than a silent word written on a piece of paper. David Lowenherz (source)

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