NEW taste Tuesday


Happy Tuesday. I’m in love!…with chia seeds. I’m in love with how easy it is to get these nutritious seeds into my bod.  I remember being on vacation and needing something ‘healthy’ to drink. (You know, sometimes vacation food can feel like….YUK!  As in, ‘I need some good homemade REAL food’)  Well, that day I bought my first chia seed ‘health-drink’ and it was kind of weird – the texture was different.  It cost a pretty penny.  And the taste was, eh…ok.  But my homemade chia drink…I think is delicious.  I am now used to the texture and love that making this drink is so easy.  Basically all you do is soak the chia seeds overnight then add them to cran-grape juice (or juice of your choice) in the a.m. Yum!  It waters down the grape juice, which is good, because it has too much sugar anyway.  Win-win!

Chia seeds have more omega 3’s than salmon, more potassium than bananas, more calcium than milk, and are loaded with antioxidants. They’re a complete protein.  Nice!

Have a great day! Do or drink something NEW!