a NEW awareness of gratitude – Day 24


Happy November 24th! I am so grateful for the challenge of learning NEW things!

Have a great day! Find something NEW to be grateful for!


a NEW hiking experience – going solo


Happy Saturday!  Today’s ‘challenge’ from the 28-day challenge I’m doing was to take a hike.  Again, this wasn’t really that challenging, because I live so close to the mountains.  But what was NEW to me, was going for a hike…SOLO.  I think I’ve always had someone with me before! To be honest and truthful, it was a bit freaky because I chose a very STEEP hike and not too many people were on the trail.  My mind kept thinking…’If I tumble off this cliff, no one would even know!’ 🙂  But I didn’t fall off the cliff and here is a collage of my trek.  I think I’ll do it more often….maybe I’ll get over my ‘solo-hiking anxiety’….as long as I stay away from the edge 🙂

Have a great day and learn or do something NEW!

a NEW challenge and NEW photo of my day


I’m participating in a 28-day challenge which started today.  The first day’s challenge was to buy myself some flowers.  I don’t remember if I’ve EVER bought myself cut flowers!  I’m pretty much a cheapskate!…but Costco had nice flowers for relatively inexpensive, so I DID IT!  Then I took a photo of them to show you 🙂  I hope they last a long time!  I’ll try to post what the rest of the challenges are…I always LOVE doing NEW things, so this should be fun.  Have a great week everyone!