Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

Well, I found out that it’s kinda fun to bring snow indoors and play around with it. :o)…We finally got some NEW white stuff where I live.  It arrived on Christmas Eve!  Beautiful!

What else is NEW?  Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about being ultra aware of things lately.  I started using a NEW budget tracking software system that my sister recommended.  I have always been really careful with our money.  I thought I was pretty ‘aware’ of where our funds went.  But with this system, I’m ULTRA-aware and I think that’s a good thing.  The system is called YNAB (You Need A Budget).

I’m also tracking my eating and exercising more…thus I’m being ULTRA-aware of what goes into my bod also.  It sure takes time, but I think awareness is key to successfully reaching goals.  Tracking is essential!  FYI…there are TONS of food journaling apps etc.

And lastly…I got a NEW “AppleTV” gadget.  I think I’ll like it a lot…I’ll let you know my review in a future post.   I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do, my biggest pet peeve is having to watch commercials.  Therefore I have to shell out big money just to have a DVR with our cable system and now the AppleTV…basically for the same reason.  :o)

Have a great Monday!  Do or Learn or BUY something NEW!