NEW thoughts on thyme and time


Happy Tuesday!

This lovely loaf of bread was a Christmas gift and it was so beautiful I just had to take a pic!  It was delicious as well.  I know this family is just as busy as we are, so I am very appreciative of the time they took to make and deliver this gift!

Secondly, I SO appreciate our friends and family who take the time to send us a simple Christmas card each year.  We don’t see many of these families on a regular basis, and it is such a blessing to receive a card with their family photo and a short update on their lives. I once had a friend that said she hated getting cards like that because she felt everyone was bragging about all their accomplishments etc.  I couldn’t disagree more!  I LOVE these yearly updates!

Lastly, I appreciate the time people take to share their musical talents with others…especially during the Christmas season.  I love, loVE, LOVE music and the sacred spirit it adds to Christmas!

This thyme bread was amazing!…and the more I think of TIME, the more blessed I feel that amazing people are all around us!  Merry Christmas! Take the TIME to do or learn something NEW!


NEW bread recipes and a short Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday!  I recently read Jodi’s post about Homemade Dill Bread and I miraculously had all the ingredients on hand, so I made some that same day!!!  Love it when that happens!

I also made these loaves a week or so ago…and learned something NEW:


When garnishing bread with oats and flax seeds…it’s NOT enough to stick them on with melted butter before baking because the butter just dries up and most of the garnish falls off after baking.  (Yes, I know this from experience :o)  INSTEAD…(according to google)….use egg whites.  Makes sense…there’s much more ‘glue’ in eggs than plain water or melted butter!!!  I’ll try that next time and let you know my results.

Now…to go along with my bread theme…here is a short Sunday sermon:


Just as we need daily physical sustenance, the need for daily spiritual sustenance is just as strong. We can remember Jesus Christ every day as we pray, read the scriptures, and meditate.

And…here’s a TERRIFIC video reminder about the Pattern of Daily Bread  {HERE}

Have a great day!  Learn or do something NEW!




a NEW recipe (sourdough bread)


I recently tried something NEW! I made sourdough bread for the first time in my life!  It’s not that I hadn’t wanted to try it before now….but it’s kind of hard to make sourdough bread without a sourdough starter…and I just didn’t know where to get one!  Well, a neighbor taught a class and gave all the ladies a starter.  So now I can say I’ve done it, and seriously…it’s sooooo easy!  The teacher of the class referenced, and I have to say, that’s a great site.  They even explain how you can dry your starter….THEN I had an idea!  Do any of YOU want to try making sourdough bread, but don’t have access to a starter?  WELL!  I’d be happy to send you a bit of dried starter!  Just send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I’ll send you a starter.  Then just go to Breadtopia for instructions on how to revive it and wha-la! A Sourdough Starter!!!  Just email me at explorenewness at gmail dot com and I’ll give you the address to send your SASE to!  Fun!  Just be sure to let me know how it turns out!

Have a good day!…and do or learn something NEW today!