a NEW Memorial Day photo


Happy Memorial Day!

On Saturday, on my bike ride, I passed this very patriotic sight, so I had to return on Sunday to get this photo! I hope whatever your holiday plans are, that you’ll have a safe and lovely day.  Do something NEW!


a NEW photo and short Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday!

Last week as we traveled from Boston up to Montreal, we stopped in at this monument in Sharon, Vermont. This monument was put in place in the year 1905 to commemorate the 1805 birthplace of a boy who would, later in life at the age of 14, see God the Father and Jesus Christ, who would, at the age of 17, have an angel appear to him and instruct him of an ancient record that was buried near his home, would later be instructed of exactly where is was buried and still later, would translate the ancient scriptural text and publish it as the Book of Mormon, and to ultimately establish Jesus Christ’s church again on the earth.

It all began with Joseph reading this scripture in the New Testament – James 1:5 and then going to the woods near his home to pray:

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.


Last week’s short Sunday sermon’s theme was miracles. Well, the people at this monument told us about many miracles that came to pass just to erect this monument – from finding a large enough piece of granite, to having the mucky-muddy ground freeze up just in time to allow the workers to get the heavy monument up the hill.

We stopped by this monument on a beautiful spring day.  So glad we took the time to visit! Here’s more about The Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Have a great day.  Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW photo and a NEW Friday challenge


Happy Friday!

Are you tired of my travel photos yet?  Here’s one of the Maine coastline.  I’m a sucker for water photos!

Well, Fridays tend to be my ‘challenge’ post days. I’ve been wanting to tackle a 365 photo challenge, but that’s too scary at the moment (I’d probably fail before I got to day 3!).  So, I’ve decided I’d start with some sort of photography challenge – but one that doesn’t mean you fail if you miss a day.  I’ve decided to do this one (I found it here):


Actually, this might take me decades to complete…because I don’t have any travel plans to the Great Wall of China…yet. But as I look through the list, I think I’ve already got some completed.  Baseball game = check! Slow SS waterfall = check! Bee on a flower = check!

I hope this will be a kick in the rear to go out and shoot more often!

Have a great Friday!  Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW lighthouse photo


Happy Wednesday!

Here’s my take of the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  I understand it’s probably the most photographed lighthouse in America. Someday, I’d love to get there at sunrise and try and get some sky-color shots, but I’m happy that I was able to get this one.  Since I live so far away from lighthouses, it will take me quite a while to make  progress on any sizable lighthouse collection at all! But I want to!  I think I need to visit Michigan.  They have the most lighthouses, plus I think they have quite a few waterfalls too!  Win!

Have a great day! Do something NEW today!


NEW photos of random cuties



Happy Tuesday! I had to share these cute children with you today!

Don’t you love it when you can get pics of cute little random kidlets but don’t have to worry about posting them because they aren’t recognizable?  And you don’t have to worry about getting their parent’s permission to share their cuteness with others? I still remember the thrill of getting {this pic} of these sisters a few years ago.

This top pic is my favorite…randomly taken at the tulip festival in Ottawa, Canada.

These cute twins below are a bit more recognizable.  So, if any of you know them, I’ll take this one down if necessary. :o)


Have a great day!  Do something NEW!

Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

We’ve just returned from a week or so of traveling and now it’s time to update my “100 Waterfall Bucket List“! The photo above is of Hog’s Back Falls in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  We also saw Rideau Falls in Ottawa and Montmorency Falls near Quebec City. I really LOVE waterfalls!

AND…funny thing…I recently read this article “The Most Jaw Dropping Waterfalls in all 50 states”  and it lists the waterfall in front of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada as that state’s best waterfall!  I understand that Nevada is the driest state and they probably don’t have any natural waterfalls.  I’ve been to the Mirage Hotel’s waterfall.  Can I count it?….Should I count it as one of my 100?  Let me know what you think! :o)

rideau falls2.jpg

{Rideau Falls, Ottawa, Canada}


{Montmorency Falls, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada}

Have a great day!  Do something NEW…maybe work on a NEW bucket list?!?




a NEW miracle and a short Sunday sermon


It’s a miracle!!!  I just returned from traveling for the last 8 days or so and went out in the garden and found this big, beautiful blossom.  It’s a miracle because I thought for sure the plant was dead! My plan was to buy a replacement – same variety of clematis and try again this year. Wow, what a surprise!

So, today’s theme for a short Sunday sermon is: Miracles!  Here’s an excellent talk entitled “Has the Day of Miracles Ceased?”

I know, just from my limited experiences that NO!, miracles happen all the time. It’s hard to know whether they’re just coincidences, or miracles.  But I choose to have faith and believe in miracles.

Have a beautiful day! Do or learn something NEW!

Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


{Son #1}

Happy Monday!

Last week I mentioned I had found my lost notebook of ‘Kid Quotes’ in my quest to do my 40-days of organizing.  I thought I’d share a few words of wisdom from the mouth of these cute babes  (which was YEARS ago!) That way, if I lose the notebook again, I won’t sweat it so much! You’ll notice the quotes that I recorded dwindled and dwindled and dwindled.  By son #4, I obviously was burned out…or had heard it all….or was just plain too lazy to record his ‘quotes’.  Yes, I feel the guilt! :o)


Son #1 was obviously accustomed to seeing only crescent, half-moons etc.  One night as we were driving home, he commented on the moon being in the shape of a circle.  I responded, “That’s what we call a full-moon”. Son #1: “Why? Because it ate too much?”

While watching fireworks at our city’s annual celebration, son #1 say “They go up and then drip down!”

After hearing his parents comment about his younger brother’s “cat naps”,  a few days later he asked his younger brother, “Did you have a nice kitty nap?”

When doing a puppet play when son #1 was 3 years old, he said, “This is a big, bad wolf, and he is a nice big bad wolf.”

When son #1 was asked whether after playing with his friend, if he could nicely come out to the car when it was time to go, son #1 answered, “Probably”.

Bryson{Son #2}


One day, son #2 pushed son #3’s hair back off his forehead and said, “Him Daddy”.  (Dad was balding :o)

Another day, son #2 cleared some shoes out of his Dad’s closet and said “Look what I’m doing for our husband, mom!”

In September 1996, our church put on a children’s program during the Sunday Sacrament service.  His primary class of 3-year old’s sang “I am a Child of God”.  Son #2 sang at the very top of his lungs, while the rest of the class either didn’t sing at all, or sang very quietly!  The congregation members talked about it for weeks and even months afterward!

For quite a few days on son #2’s way out the door to school, he’d yell “too-da-loo”  (tout a` l’heure), so I started saying it back to him. One day he said, “You don’t always have to say it in Spanish”.


{Son #3}

Son #3 saw son #4 sucking on his fingers and yells, “Daddy, Daddy! Dallin’s eating himself!”

Son #3 often heard his older brothers say “Scout’s Honor”, or “Pinky Swear” when they were promising to do something.  Son #3 wanted to promise something but said “Pinky Scouts” instead.


{Son #4}


That’s it for today’s miscellany!  Have a great day.  Do something NEW!

a NEW thought Thursday


Happy Thursday! I love this quote because it is so true.  I know some people who are just naturally considerate.  They notice things about people.  They naturally go out of their way to be considerate and kind.  I want to be more like them! Sadly, I tend to live in my small, busy little world and go about my own business. I wish I had the natural talent of being a noticer…a thoughtful observer…a naturally considerate human being. Although it doesn’t come naturally, I’m going to work at being such a person. Perhaps eventually it may become second nature!

Have a great day!  Go and notice something or someone NEW!