a NEW Thursday thought


Happy Thursday! This quote is from a recent post at The Cobweborium Emporium.  It’s a simple concept, but one that a lot of people don’t seem to grasp, or at least, don’t put into practice. I like to think of it as the M.O.T.N. Principle  (More Often Than Not). It’s just such a true principle that I had to use it as a Thursday thought.  Thanks Cobs!

a NEW awareness of gratitude – Day 30


Happy November 30th! I am very grateful for the skill of knowing how to use a microwave, the skill of knowing how to eat chocolate, and the skill of making my face go bright red when I do something embarrassing!  Acceptable? No?  Well, ok….I’m grateful for the skill of reading music.  How’s that?

Have a great day! Find something NEW to be grateful for!