a NEW Freemason heirloom photo collage


The subject of my photo shoot session today was my Grandfather’s Freemason ring.  I never knew my Grandfather, but I’m thrilled to have in my possession something that I know he must have treasured.  I also never knew much about Freemasonry – but the movie National Treasure sure made them sound mysterious, right!?!  Apparently George Washington was Master of his Masonic Lodge:


I have a few other heirlooms I need to photograph…as well as write up some narratives about who they originally belonged to, so future generations will have a physical link to the past.  I also have a goal to make something that will be worthy of being an heirloom someday.  This article: Grandpa’s Cane and Other Heirlooms inspired me to get busy!  Wish me continued motivation! :o)

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a NEW travel theme photo challenge: Arches


Happy Friday!  When I was browsing through my wordpress reader and saw a few Travel theme: Arch entries, I knew I HAD to join in!  This photo was taken on our vacation a couple of weeks ago…(the evening before Dad broke his neck) at Arches National Park.  I had planned to take pics of many more arches that weekend…but ya know…stuff happens! :o)  You can really see how HUGE this arch is, since the people who hiked up to it look like ants, right?!?

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a NEW texture for Tuesday


Happy Tuesday!  After visiting Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday (without planning on taking the time to post today)…I was so inspired that I just HAD to find an old photo to texturize!  I haven’t been out shooting lately…(I’m nursing my broken-necked-hubbie :o)…so I’m grateful to have a stash of old photos to play with!

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a NEW photo of my week…and Birthday Wishes


Happy Friday!  AND…Happy Birthday to my son #3 and son #4  (son #3 on the right , family friend in the middle and son #4 on the left).  This pic was taken just last week on our vacation (day before Dad broke his neck).  They were both born on October 24th but three years apart.  Our tradition is to give them breakfast in bed on their b-days.  They got it, but just not simultaneously since Dad wasn’t here to help me carry up the breakfast trays :o)….or help me sing happy b-day.  The boys didn’t appreciate that I tried to start a NEW tradition: I picked the first YouTube video on my ‘Happy Birthday song’ search and it happened to be The Chickmunks.   They thought they were too annoying…for some reason!

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learning a bunch of NEW stuff about broken necks!


Phew!!! Happy Wednesday…it’s been one long week!!!…and it’s only the middle of the week!  My wonderful hubby broke his neck and so I’m learning all sorts of NEW things about vertebras, braces, etc…but we are extremely blessed to have him still with us!

I’ll probably be MIA for a while or at least posting sporadically (except for the few posts I already have pre-scheduled).

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Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  So, you are probably wondering what’s with the patriotic rice krispie treats, right?  Yes, I know it’s October :o)  I just had to share this MISCELLANEOUS photo and let you know how SUPER EASY these are!  I made these this week because a little cub scout den I needed to visit were learning about the flag and I wanted to take them something ‘theme-related’ for their treat.  But seriously, if you have a variety of sprinkles, (black/orange for October….pastels for Spring….red/white/blue for July) and marshmallows, rice cereal and chocolate chips, you can whip up this super easy, (but not quite as boring as plain rice krispie treats) ANY TIME.  Just always keep these items in your pantry and you will always ‘BE PREPARED’.  Yup!  You can tell I raised four boys….all Eagle scouts :o)

And…one more miscellaneous thing…

a Book Review:  I recently read this children’s book (grade level 3 – 7) and enjoyed it very much.  It was  a very quick read and it has won quite a few awards, so I guess I’m not the only one who has enjoyed it.


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